Olympic moments

My favourite Olympic moments yesterday:

Michael Phelp’s seventh gold medal in these games (a tie with Mark Spitz’s record) came in a very exciting 100m butterfly race in which it looked like he wasn’t going to make it. And then, at the very end, when the Serbian swimmer had all but won, Phelps out-touched him by a finger nail. Literally, 1-100th of a second. It was all in the fact that Cevic chose to glide the last half meter or so while Phelps simply swam into the wall. Very dramatic and exciting to watch.

@ CBC.ca
© CBC.ca

Another very special event was the 50m freestyle in which Cesar Cielo won the first swimming gold medal in Brazilian history. He swam a brilliant race and was in tears afterward. Good for him.

© CBC.ca
© CBC.ca

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2 thoughts on “Olympic moments”

  1. Grande Cielo!! E tivemos ainda Maurren Maggi, as meninas douradas do vôlei e outras tantas bronzeadas da vela, judô, taekwondo… sem esquecer das prateadas do futebol – essa, a medalha mais injusta de todas. Marta e cia. mereciam o ouro! Whatever.

    Um dia quero escrever em inglês com a mesma desenvoltura e elegância com que você escreve. ;)

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