Two weeks ago, Toronto celebrated the fifth anniversary of a blackout that left most of the northeastern coast of North America in darkness. It was a very surreal experience – people all over downtown Toronto simply spilled onto the streets and partyed. On our street, our building held a bbq outside and the little house across the street held a party in order to drink all the beer they had in their fridge before it spoiled. I walked down to College & Yonge, a major intersection, only to find traffic flowing normally despite the lack of intersection lights. I was amazed at how organized everything was and wrote about it a while ago. This year, in order to mark the event and recap some of the energy in the streets that flowed so positively that day, a few hundred people held a party at the intersection of Bloor & Spadina. For about 10 mins they occupied the intersection, played music, danced and cheered. They then dispersed peacefully as police arrived and looked on confused. You can see a video of the event here. More information about the even here.