This will be a crucial year

Chatting with one of my profs the other day, I realized that to finish my dissertation this year and do all the other things I want to do (i.e. teach, organize events, work on crrs website, committee work, go to the gym, socialize, learn Hebrew, etc), I’ll need to start getting up at 4 in the morning. I can see myself waking up that early and working only on my dissertation before the day begins. I’ll start with 5 am this coming week and see how it goes.

Author: guerson

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3 thoughts on “This will be a crucial year”

  1. Alex, I used to devote the first few hours of every day to my dissertation. I work best in the morning and so would arrive at Robarts promptly at 8:30 a.m. and work for 2-3 hours straight. Sometimes I would go back to the diss later in the day, but often not. I managed to get a lot done because I was so focussed at that time of day.

    I know Joanna was getting up at 5 or something like that her first year teaching in order to finish her dissertation. She might have some advice!

  2. wow! Take it easy!
    as vezes desejamos que o dia tivesse 48 horas para dar tempo de fazer tudo p que planejamos, ne?
    mas cuidado para nao se sobrecarregar demais e dar “curto circuito”.
    nao descuide dos exercicios.

  3. Hebrew? Really? How fun! Is your husband Jewish or do you just want to learn? It’s a weird little language, but the more gutteral Carioca accent sounds are kind of similar to some of the Hebrew sounds.

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