Elections coming up

Today, Prime Minister Stephen Harper asked the Governor General to dissolve parliament, officially bringing down the government. Elections are set for October 14th, taking Canadians to the poll for the third time in four years. Among the top three issues on the mind of Canadians as they head to the polls are health care, the environment and, lastly, the economy. Interesting times ahead as both Canada and the US are in campaign mode.

More info on the strategies of Canada’s four federal parties here.

Author: guerson

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3 thoughts on “Elections coming up”

  1. Who is footing the bill to have elections for the third time in four years?…We, the taxpayers are paying for the right of Mr. Harper, our beloved Prime Minister to become the Prime Minister for another term with more of his members in Parliament so that he can do what ever he wants without disclosing anything. It is high time we the taxpayers taught the people with negative campaigns that we are not fools and give someone else a chance.

  2. Hi Anil,

    I wish taxpayers would do that but unfortunately, the non-conservative vote seems to be split among the liberals, NDP and Green, which makes it harder for any one of those three to oust Harper. A very unfortunate state of affairs…

  3. Fiquei me perguntando quais seriam as 3 preocupacoes dos brasileiros. Com certeza seguranca e emprego seriam as duas primeiras.

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