What’s up?

I saw this at a friend’s blog and thought it would be a good way of starting a conversation. The idea is to share what are we reading at the moment, what is the last movie we saw and what music we are listening to. So here it goes:


Vicky Cristina Barcelona is the latest Woody Allen movie and tells the story of two American girls on extended vacations in Barcelona. I’m not a bit fan of Woody Allen but couldn’t resist watching a movie set in one of my favourite cities. We enjoyed it!


This one is hard because I’m always reading many books at once. I’ve just finished Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia and I’m now reading Sam Wineburg’s Historical thinking and other unnatural acts: charting the future of teaching the past and Paulo Freire’s Teachers as cultural workers.


I’ve been listening to a lot of guitar music – Jesse Cook, Michael Hedges, Sebastião Tapajós, and some fado while I read. When I work out I give preference to some good metal; lately it’s been a lot of AC/DC….

What about you? What have you been reading/watching/listening??

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Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

10 thoughts on “What’s up?”

  1. Hmmmmm, I guess you forgot to mention my guitar playing that I am subjecting you to. I find that since I started tinkering, I’ve begun to take an interest in Jazz and Blues so maybe the names of some of those artists will be turning up in your vacabulary

  2. I just saw “Blindness,” which came out in Brazil before the US! It was bizarre but good. I’m reading As memorias postumas de Bras Cubas, even though it’s kind of hard!

  3. Hi Daniel!

    Which Michael Pollan book are you reading??


    I really want to watch Blindness. I also want to read the novel by Saramago…


    You got me onto guitar music so I wouldn’t be surprised if you got me into jazz as well ;)

  4. eu adorei o filme doctor woody allen, ri bastante, principalmente nas partes que o javier barden dizia pra penelope cruz: in this house we speak english!
    e ai comecava a discutir com ela em espanhol.

  5. Movie/series: O Escandrafo e a Borboleta. Adorei! É triste, mas é bom! É diferente na forma de filmagem, pelo menos em parte do filme, pois mostra as cenas do ângulo de um personagem, que não se mexe e só se expressa com os olhos para se comunicar com o mundo. E série, terminei de ver In Treatment. Muito bom!!

    Books: somente os acadêmicos mesmo! :( O que está me deixando maluquinha, e para compensar leio blogs e revistas e assim saio da linguagem excessivamente formal da academia.

    Music: misturada total. Beatles, Chico Buarque, Nouvelle Vague, Bjork, Teatro Mágico e muita bossa nova.

  6. Eu vi lá o post no SdE. Muito legal as dicas, de tudo um pouco, já anotei algumas para ver-ler-ouvir depois. Esse tipo de post é muito bom, dá uma mexida nas nossas ideias e nossos gostos.

  7. Só assim fiquei sabendo de Denise na Coréia. Ando realmente desligado dos blogs…

    Vamos lá…

    Me emprestaram uma caixinha com uma edição nova/remasterizada de O Poderoso Chefão. Vi o primeiro (magnífico) e não sei qdo vou ver os outros.

    Hoje à noite devo pegar um cineminha.. Os Desafinados.

    Facul… Economia e Contabilidade… Qta emoção!
    Not-Facul … The Blue Ocean Strategy

    Happyhour particular com Count Basie

    Neon Bible do Arcade Fire direto no iPod… Último cd de verdade a entrar aqui em casa (fev/07), presente da minha canadense favorita.

    e é isso!

    Bom final de semana.

  8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    This is one of these movies that I’m watching all the time, and still looks new. Maybe is the fact that there’s always some little thing that you didn’t saw before or maybe because we learn more every day of our lives.

    This last time was the tradition that call may attention, especially the Gus character. He’s living in America with all the modern stuff and technology, but he’s trying to preserve his people tradition also. He uses a windex to cure any ailment; that’s a perfect combination of superstition and technology!


    Like my sister I’ll always reading more than one book. I just finished Joyce’s “A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” and Chesterton’s “Ortodoxy”. I just loved this last one. Some books we have to read again, so is Ortodoxy. Most of things I believe are in their pages and somethings I never thought before are their too. Like the fairy tales been the most source for moral virtues and the argumentation against the virtue of Aristotheles, defending the christianism.


    The last cd I bought was “Some Girls” from the Rolling Stones. I think it’s my favorite Stones record. Now I’m listening Ten Years After. I love classic rock! My favorite band is always changing, he he. Actually is The Band.

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