Rick Mercer on the elections

I don’t know if I liked Rick Mercer right away but in the days I didn’t have TV, the Rick Mercer Report was one of the few shows we could watch on the net without having to illegaly download something. I realy like his satirical and sarcastic sense of humour and his political comentary.

In his blog, he has recently written a comparison between the American and Canadian elections. The premise is that the current Canadian elections can be just as exciting as the American counterpart. A few highlights:

Sure Prime Minister Harper was never actually tortured for six years in a Viet Cong prisoner of war camp like John McCain was; but he’s angry enough that he could have been. In fact on a good day Harper seems way more angry than McCain ever does. Like with McCain there is pain and anguish in the man’s eyes. McCain suffered at the hands of a hostile enemy bent on breaking his body and soul and he survived and triumphed. Stephen Harper, the story goes, suffered from onset adolescent asthma and so was often picked last for team sports. This helps explain his dislike for all people in general. He was also startled quite badly by a clown at the age of six which explains his lifetime commitment to destroying arts organizations.


And then there are the wild cards. Other than our Prime Minister there will be 307 Conservatives running in the next election. Will they be silent on all the issues or simply mute? Will they refuse to address any local concerns during the campaign or will they simply not be available for comment? Are they terrified of their leader or just alarmed in his presence? This is the stuff that will engage Canadians like never before.

In the Liberal Camp we have a host of political players that are true Canadian celebrities in their own right. Ignatieff, Rae, that woman who wears the scarves and the short guy whose name escapes me at the moment. Sizzle sizzle.


All of this will make for a scintillating election. But those are just the personalities. Issues, as always, will define the thrust of the campaign as it progresses, and as of now it’s simply too soon to tell what those issues will be. Also, nobody really knows how badly Canadians will react once they figure out all that money we had is now gone and the economy is shaky at best. By the sounds of it, Canada’s books suddenly look like whoever’s in charge has an internet gambling addiction.

So buck up Canada. A great drama is about to unfold and it’s every bit as good as whatever’s happening south of the border. All we need now is for the prime minister to walk across the street and dissolve parliament in the middle of his term. Something he looked us in the eye and promised us he would never do. See it’s already sexy.

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