Responsibilities of a Canadian citizen

I came across some notes of mine from when I studied for my Canadian citizenship test. According to the booklet I had to study, there are 6 responsibilities that come with Canadian citizenship:

  1. vote in elections
  2. help others in the community
  3. care for and protect the environment [someone should remind our PM of this one]
  4. obey Canada’s laws
  5. express opinions freely while respecting the rights and freedoms of others
  6. eliminate discrimination and injustice

Author: guerson

Born and raised in Brazil, a Canadian stole my heart and took me to Canada in 1999. After seven years between Montreal and Toronto, we then moved to Barcelona, Spain, where I did research for my PhD thesis. This blog began as a chronicle of our adventures while living in Barcelona and exploring the old world and has acquired a life of its own after we moved back to Canada.

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