Mercer Report

If you are a Canadian student, I urge you to check out Rick Mercer’s rant from yesterday’s (Oct 7th) show. I couldn’t put the video here, but you’ll find the link on the right hand corner of Rick’s site. Just look for the episode from Oct 7th – it’s the one labelled Rick’s Rant.

Basically, he addresses the lack on engagement among Canadian students, which is evident by the silence, on the part of all candidates in this election, on anything to do with education.


One of the big issues for me in these elections is the environment. We are already paying a heavy price for our mismanagement of this issue, both individually and collectively, and the tendency is to get worse. If you are voting on this upcoming election here in Canada, here are the various platforms on the subject, courtesy of BlogTO:


Liberal Party


The Conservatives don’t seem to have an actual plan. Let me know if you know otherwise.

I’m a bit disappointed at the NDP plan, which I find vague and less concrete. I like the Liberal plan the best but would like to see it accompanied by massive investment in new alternative energies. And if you find the whole carbon tax hard to understand, here’s David Suzuki’s explanation.