A fair country

John Ralston Saul, scholar, philosopher, writer, and husband of former Governor-general Adrienne Clarkson, has just published a new book. Entitled A fair country: telling truths about Canada, the book boldly argues that rather than a nation of French or English inspiration, Canada is really a Métis nation, shaped by Aboriginal ideas. I haven’t read the book yet but it looks quite interesting. But this post is not about reviewing the book. This is just to say that John Ralston Saul will be talking about his book tonight, at Hart House. The talk starts at 7:30 pm and I have extra tickets if anyone is interested… Let me know before 5 pm.

Update – It was a really amazing speech! I can’t wait to read the book. One of the interesting lines include: “Ironically, although Canada loves to sell itself as the most European country in North America, it is actually the most American country in North America while the US is the most European country in North America.”

At the end I got my book signed and as I was leaving, I passed by Adrienne Clarkson and I stopped, turned back and asked if I could shake her hand. She said “Certainly!!” and I explained that her name was in my citizenship certificate and I was very proud of it. She thanked me and gave me a really long, firm, hand shake. It was pretty cool. I’ve always admired her as a GG and appreciate all the work she does in defense of immigration and citizenship.

Read John Ralston Saul being interviewed by Michael Valpy for the Globe and Mail. More news and a summary of the book here.

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2 thoughts on “A fair country”

  1. Eu nao sabia que no Canada nao havia partidos em nivel municipal, talvez isso seja um ponto positivo na continuidade dos projetos urbanos, pois nao tem aquela coisa brasileira, dos politicos fazerem campanhas baseados em casas populares construidas, ruas que foram asfaltadas, o viaduto que foi construido, e nem querer fazer tudo (de qualquer jeito) até terminar o mandato. Será?
    Obrigada pela informação.

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