Giving up on resolutions?

The year will be over in two weeks so it’s time to look at how I did on the resolutions I took last year:

1. Eat more regularly at home. It sort of worked. I have been cooking more – as you can probably tell by all the food pictures on flickr – but not as regularly as I would have liked. On the plus side, since I started received a box of organic fruits and veggies every week, we have certainly started eating a lot better although some weeks some items go to waste.

2. Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet with enough calcium-rich fruits and vegetables daily (since I’m in a risk group for osteoporosis). I’ve certainly started eating a lot more vegetarian meals and have increased the fruit consumption. But I still have ways to go.

3. Go to the gym every morning before school – six times a week, alternating between weights and swimming. Total failure. But on the plus side, I’ve started learning yoga and have been practicing at home. A yoga studio has just opened across the street from where I live so I might join in January. I’ve also started learning to run. The new resolution is to run a 5k race in the summer.

4. Write at least three chapters of my thesis by December.Ha! too funny! I was certainly ambitious – I wrote one. The new resolution is to write three by July.

5. Publish something. I was asked to submit something to a journal earlier this month. Just finished the draft. Fingers crossed!

6. Spend less time browsing aimlessly on internet to be able to achieve #4 & #5. Not much success.

7. Recycle more. Thumbs up. I have also stopped buying over-packaged items at the grocery store. Actually, I don’t really shop much in large supermarkets anymore. I buy most of my food in markets and small stores. Going for whole foods vs processed foods make this much easier.

8. Devote more time to learning Hebrew. I started a course 3 weeks ago and it’s going well.

9. Travel to places I haven’t been before. We went to Segovia in the summer, I visited Chicago and we explored parts of Paris that were off the beaten path. Granted that most of those trips were work-related but it was fun being in a new place.

10. Keep a healthy perspective about work. So far so good. This past month has been very productive and the more I produce, the less anxious I get. The challenge is to keep the momentum.


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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