New York, New York

i_heart_nyWe just got back from Montreal on Sunday and I leave on Thursday for New York City. I have a conference to attend from Jan 2-5 but there will be plenty of time to wander around the city. The only time I’ve ever been to NYC was for a very quick visit – I got a research scholarship when I was an undergrad and went to the library at Columbia University to look at a microfilm. I stayed with a friend in New Jersey and was only in town for one day and since there was a big snow storm that day, I didn’t really get to walk around or visit anything. The little bit that I saw made me want to go back so I’m pretty excited about this trip. I bought the Moleskine City Notebook and I’m busy filling it with tips for restaurant and cafes. Any suggestions? I’ll also be meeting a few friends from the blogosphere, which is quite exciting.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

2 thoughts on “New York, New York”

  1. Oi Alexandra, explorei Manhattan em outubro passado e tem algo que você não pode deixar de fazer, especialmente se for em um dia de sol, fazer o trajeto da Brooklin Bridge à pé ou de bicicleta se preferir. Mas ao fazer, a dica é ir de metrô até o lado oposto à Manhattan e voltar a pé do Brooklin em direção à Manhattan. O Skyline é imperdível!
    bjs e boa viagem!

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