Unveiling my new MacBook

I’ve had my new MacBook for nearly a week now and what I can say? I’m in love. I’ve even started liking the glossy screen, which I hated before I bought it. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the experience of getting the laptop out of the box. I know that opening the box of a new electronic gadget is usually done without much thought – I mean, who cares about the packaging? All we want is what’s inside, right? Well, apparently Apple cares. Its attention to design and form extends to the packaging. Anybody who has an iPod knows that.  The volume of packaging has been reduced in recent years but opening the box is still quite an experience. Here’s my new MacBook:




Neat package, if only my office was this neat…


New working setup. I can view my documents on the 24″ iMac while taking notes on my laptop. It’s been working great this past week!


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

8 thoughts on “Unveiling my new MacBook”

  1. Now you know why I love working on dual monitors. Lots of screen space !

    I use two monitors since we could only buy those huge crts. Now I work on two 17″ lcds and as a birthday gift I intend to give myself a couple of 22″… It´s just hard to find something that is not “black piano”.. Just ´cause I think they´re kind a cheese. Am I the only one?

    It was great to see your workspace.

  2. I want one of those!!!!!
    Realmente a Apple está sempre alguns passos à frente da maioria. Nào só seus produtos são bonitos, como as embalagens tb.
    Concordo com vc em relação à caixa do iPod/iTouch. It’s amazing!

  3. No, we didn’t switch rooms! I just get the imac in the mornings… Alan hasn’t been using it much lately as his interests have turned more towards music – both playing his guitar and listening to his stereo. That’s why I got a new laptop – so he could use the old one as his stereo ;)

  4. Alex, babei !!! :-) na verdade a universidade tah me devendo um laptop, e tem que ser mac, o meu é laptop é velho e lento, mas ainda quebra o galho. Beijo grande.

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