Alan and I are going to see her tonight at Massey Hall. I can’t wait!

By José Goulão
By José Goulão

Update.Wow. What an artist. I’m still speecheless. I like fado, knew that Mariza was the voice behind fado’s revival and spread beyond the borders of Portugal, but hadn’t actually had the occasion to watch her sing. Her presence on stage was magical and her control of the crowd was awe-striking. But her voice and the soul behind it is what really hits you deep; I don’t think I was prepared to the impact of her music live. During the first few minutes my throat constricted and my eyes moistened – she reached a deep chord. Even Alan, who didn’t understand a word of what she sang, turned to me during intermission and said “I think I know what it feels to be Portuguese now. She made me feel saudade* for Lisbon. I didn’t understand the words but I could feel the emotions.”

I’m still processing it all. I’ll write more later.

* A Portuguese word meaning a feeling of nostalgic longing

Singing Ó Gente da Minha Terra at the David Letterman Show:

This next video is not very good but I really liked the song as it is an autobiographical song that talks about the five-year old Mariza sneaking out of her room late at night to hear the fado singers at her parents’ tavern and being caught by her dad and brought back to bed.