A typical weekend

It’s been a while since I last had a real photo project so to warm up I decided to keep a photo diary of this weekend. I still have a few pictures to add from the end of Sunday but most of them are there. Just click on the picture below for the slideshow and be sure to click on “show info” on the right hand corner when the slideshow start.

4 Life


I discovered Camros this week. It’s only a few blocks from where I live and I can’t believe I missed it before… It’s vegetarian cuisine with a bit of a Persian influence; everything is super fresh and tasty.I have to control myself though – I went three times in one week!

This is what I had on Friday:

Quinoa salad with Lentils, carrot & beet salad, kale salad, and red rice ball. The place inspired me so much that I bought some millet at Kensington the next day and made this for lunch:

Saturday lunch