International Women’s Day

iwd_5International Women’s Day was created in 1910 at the Second International Conference of Working Women, held in Copenhagen. It was designed not as a day for men to give flowers to their wives/girlfriends but rather as a day in which women (and men) all over the world should press for women’s rights. I have head some question why celebrate a Women’s Day if women have already reached equality. The answer is simple – even in countries where women have been recognized as equal under the law, there is still much for which to fight. When I was in Spain, I wrote about issues affecting women there. Here in Canada, women are reeling from the recent decision by the conservative government to remove the right of public sector workers to file complaints for pay equity with the Canadian Human Rigths Commission and to prevent unions from representing women on pay equity complaints, basically leaving women to fight for their rights individually. I’m still a bit shocked by these new developments, which Harper managed to pass through Parliament by making it part of the budget and thus preventing the other parties from shooting it down since no one wants another election now and if the budget didn’t pass, the government would fall.

Watch a video and read more information about International Women’s Day in the event’s official website.

In 2007 I dedicated a post to my grandmother, a quite remarkable woman. I saw her for the last time on my birthday, May 31st 2007. I left Brazil the next day and she passed away in December of that year. I still miss her.

If you read Portuguese, take a look at this post. It’s one of the best I’ve read about International Women’s Day.