New bike


I first saw it last weekend at our favourite bike shop. I had been searching for a good hybrid bike for riding around town since my mountain bike is incredibly heavy and not very comfortable. I put up with it but now that the gears are starting to show their age, Alan insisted I find a new bike. I wasn’t sure what kind of bike I wanted but knew I would know when I saw it. And that’s what happened. The Opus is light, has some unique design elements, and despite the retro look, it’s still very modern. I was a little unsure at first since I had never heard of Opus so when I got home from the bike store last weekend, I asked the oracle. Turns out that the company is from Montreal and this particular bike was designed by a local artist! It looks like a really interesting company too; they even have a blog dedicated to the artistic expression of urban life, cycling, and culture. I fell in love with the bike and the whole concept behind it even more and this morning we finally went to the shop to buy it. Can’t wait to pick it up next Tuesday!


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

7 thoughts on “New bike”

  1. Linda Alex e que vc aproveite bastante. Nos jah estamos bicicleteando, hoje fomos até a casa branca pela pista, por um pourquinho que nao encontramos o Lula :-) beijocas.

  2. Haha! Eu poderia ter escrito esse post. So que ainda nao encontrei a “minha” bike. Ela ta por ai, eu sei. E’ so eu ter paciencia de procurar.

  3. Oi Chico,

    Essa vai em ingles pq pode ter mais gente interessada…

    Bike theft is a big problem in Toronto so it’s worth investing in a very high end lock. So I have a Kryptonite New York U-Lock and I replaced the pins that hold the wheels and seat with special ones that come with a special key to remove them. Each set has an individual tool and without that, you can’t remove the wheels. Of course, nothing is 100% secure but I figure that with those on, a thief will move on to an easier target. There are plenty of bikes with weak locks around…

  4. It looks like the bikes in Amsterdam… but I guess this one is lighter.
    I also have to buy a bike, but I am willing to spend a lot… let’s see…

  5. I am very pleased that the bike you like. To create this kind of bike is to propose an alternative vision of urban cycling. This is a bike more “cultural”. I’m glad that you have noticed the approach of the arts concept. Have fun on this bike.

  6. Salut Alec!

    Merci pous votre visite!! I really really really really love the bike you designed. It’s classy and stable, with some really nice design elements, without compromising speed and weight. Thank you so much for such a great product.

    Je suis très hereuse de ma bici et cet été nous alons par bici de Toronto à Montréal. Can’t wait!


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