Life can be simple…

Why wait for a special occasion to have a special meal? Why make a big fuss when you do want to have a nice meal by spending all day in the kitchen? After a nice day cycling and meeting friends, I didn’t feel like cooking something big for dinner. So I came across this winter caprese salad, which seemed simple enough and was even better with a bit of balsamic, which was followed by some bread, decadent St Andre cheese, and whatever I had in the fridge (jams, olive tapenade, marinated eggplant) and wine. And for dessert? Some fresh strawberries, organic kefir from Pinehedge Farms, and a bit of maple syrup. Every bite and every taste was a little piece of heaven. Life is good…


Author: guerson

Historian. Teacher. Knitter. Passionate for bringing people together and building bridges.

One thought on “Life can be simple…”

  1. Ontem fiz risito Milanese (ok, I rioto vinha quase pronto, era so cozinhar na agua) e frango cozido no vinho branco com batata, pimentao e coentro. Ficou uma delicia!
    Agora preciso descobrir umas receitas para preparar as vagens, abobrinhas e beringelas que comprei.

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