Bike season has begun!

We went out for our first major ride of the season today. Actually, that’s not true. That was last week! But today I registered the ride, which was very diverse, taking us into the different kind of terrain. Here’s the map of our route:


We left from the red dot towards the Don Valley, Alan wanted to take me to a park way north for a 30km ride but when we hit Pottery road I asked if we couldn’t try getting to the Brick Works, an abandoned brick factory which is being transformed into a space dedicated to showcasing green technology and sustainable lifestyle. Currently it hosts a farmers’ market on saturdays but today it was fairly quiet. So we explored the old buildings a bit:

Toronto_100409 (10).jpg

Toronto_100409 (12).jpg

Toronto_100409 (11).jpg

Toronto_100409 (6).jpg

Toronto_100409 (7).jpgToronto_100409 (9).jpg

I’ll have to get back there with my DSLR to get some artistic photos for sure! I had no idea the place had so much character!

After exploring the buildings we explored the area around it, which is a really nice park, with lots of trails. We climbed on a hill and this was the view from up there:

Toronto_100409 (13).jpg

And here’s Alan saying “We have to try to get over there!”

Toronto_100409 (14).jpg

Toronto_100409 (15).jpg

After exploring the place, we followed some trails, ended up in Rosedale and on our way back we decided to take a right turn on Bloor St and go to the Beanery for coffee and cake. It was really nice! The sun was pouring in, it was warm inside, and I was so relaxed I completely forgot to take pictures…

Lots of firetrucks were going by while we were in the cafe so when we left we looked down the road to see what was going on and this is what we saw:

Toronto_100409 (18).jpg

It looked like it was coming from Christie St, so we got closer to take a look…

Toronto_100409 (20).jpg

Toronto_100409 (21).jpgToronto_100409 (26).jpg

Toronto_100409 (23).jpg

It was pretty sad and my heart goes out to the families who lost their homes. It didn’t seem like anyone was hurt, one family had their cats in their traveling cages but it looked like they barely made out with anything.

On a brighter side, we saw the first signs of spring today:

Toronto_100409 (17).jpg

And I guess some people can literally say that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence:

Toronto_100409 (4).jpg


It was fake snow!! The houses were being prepared for a movie they were shooting later this week…

It was an amazing day (minus the fire) and we’ll definitely be going back to the Brick Works during the summer…

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

5 thoughts on “Bike season has begun!”

  1. Nice ride!!!
    Nós já ensaiamos a tirar as bikes do locker faz algumas semanas, mas por enquanto nada! Quem sabe nos próximos dias eu tenha alguma novidade :)

  2. Todos domingo acordo às 6, como banana com aveia, mel e uma pitadinha de canela e saio para o treino mais longo da semana. 15 a 20 Km, dependendo do ânimo… e do calor.

    Sempre me arrependo por não levar a câmera, nem que seja a fraquinha do cel. Sempre há algo interessante a ser registrado. Feiras, novos lugares para correr, figuras estranhas, aquele carangueijo cruzando a estrada, o caminhão do morango ou a promoção do macarrão gostoso.

    Ah foto com o gramado do vizinho é perfeita para uma palestra no próximo mês… :)… Posso usar?

    Tudo de bom!

  3. Chico,

    Fique a vontade; pode usar a foto sim! depois me fala mais dessa palestra…

    Tomorrow I’m going for a run – I suspect I’ll walk more than I’ll run but it’s a good start I suppose… Depois conto como foi…

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