Summer is in the air

I love the feeling of ebullient happiness that the arrival of a Canadian summer brings. When I first moved to Canada, people often asked me how could I trade my tropical homeland for the frozen north. I never had a good answer to that other than mumbling something about not liking the heat much, which always seemed to surprise them. And it’s true. I never felt comfortable in high heat with 90% humidity, the kind of muggy weather that characterized most of the places I lived in Brazil. So I expected I’d appreciate the winter, which I did and still do. Alan can vouch for the fact that I never complain about the winter – the only thing I don’t like about Toronto winters is that it isn’t cold enough to keep the snow from melting and the sky blue. But whatever I may feel about winter, the fact is that it is very long and the bare trees make it somewhat gloomy at times. I didn’t expect that the arrival of spring, with its light-green foliage and longer days, and finally summer, with its thick canopies, flowers, and sounds, would make me feel so excited and alive. To me, there’s nothing quite like a Canadian summer. No matter where you are in Canada, the level of energy and positive attitude is palpable, making it such a fun season. By the time the feeling wears off and I remember that I don’t actually like too much heat, the cooler air of fall arrives and the cycle begins anew…


Author: guerson

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6 thoughts on “Summer is in the air”

  1. Concordo Alexandra,

    É uma felicidade, uma sensação de estar viva, de renascer… toda vez que a primavera/verão chegam.

    E tb não reclamo do inverno. Até gosto, faço esportes de inverno, me divirto.




  2. You know, not all of Canada is frozen :)

    In my part of the country the wet, though fairly warm, grey skies meet deep green trees, mist rolls down mountains, cherry trees explode into bloom in late March. It’s a sign that summer is about to arrive, and the rain eases and the sun comes out and the forests dry and we head to the lakes or the beaches.

    I’ve never had the ‘typical’ Canadian summer – yours sounds wonderful :)

  3. Kat,

    It’s hard to explain – and the suddenness is incredible. I went away for four days last week and when I left the buds were barely showing on the trees but when I came back most of them had those beautiful light green leaves that I love. Thursday Alan and I cycled to a picnic organized by the grad students in my department and we went through some tree-lined streets and the leaves were already so thick, it was really beautiful and it makes you want to scream. As Isabela mentioned on the first comment, you feel like you are being reborn, you feel more alive than ever. It is an amazing feeling and it is worth going through winter to feel that way.

    Your summer sounds nice but I have to admit, having lived in some pretty wet places in my life, that I don’t do well in wet weather. Nothing depresses me more than a cool rainy day… And my body doesn’t like humidity. I was extremely happy in the dry spanish weather ;)

  4. That’s crazy though, because I found Toronto almost unbearably humid in the summer. 99% humidity followed by massive rainstorms…it’s pretty great but it’s not home for me.

    I love at home that the tulips & daffodils and all the bulbs are out starting in February and in early April the air smells like cherry blossoms.

    And I really love how there will still be snow up on the mountains when the flowers are in bloom right at the beginning of spring – I should find a picture.

    And I love that it can be the middle of winter, and cold and gross out, but you go into the forest and it’s fairly warm and damp and green. The air smells alive and even in very very late winter there will be ferns pushing through the soil.

    Home is where the heart is. Everywhere is wonderful in spring and summer. Sigh. :)

    PS I’ll send you my site once I get it more presentable!

  5. I’ve only started to appreciate summers, after I experienced a “Vancouver” Canadian winter.. nothing better than to see everyone coming to life!

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