Adam Lambert

I very seldom watch TV but at some point a friend sent me a video of Adam Lambert, who was competing on American Idol. He looked and acted much different from any other Idol competitor I had seen so I sort of supported him from a distance. I read a bit about the controversy around him – whether he could actually get far in that competition despite rumours he was gay, and the fact he wore nail polish or makeup. The controversy didn’t surprise me one bit but what got my attention is the way Adam responded to it. He refused to take the bait and simply kept them wondering by answering with statements such “I know who I am”. Everybody admits he is the most original talent to ever go through American Idol and even the ever cynic Simon Cowell couldn’t say anything negative about him all season. So he made it to the top two, but in the end the award went to Kris Allen and this is how Adam responded:

Quite the smart cookie.