AF 447

My heart goes to all those who have loved ones in AF 447. I know well how they feel right now.

When I was about 15 years old I went through a similar experience. My dad had left that morning on a business trip; the military place he was traveling in was scheduled to depart from Rio’s downtown airport at 10 AM. About an hour later my mom gets a phone call from a friend saying a plane had crashed on take-off that morning at that same airport. We quickly turned the tv on and the basic story was that a military place, schedule to depart at 10 AM that morning had crashed upon take-off. The passengers were military officers and there was no news on possible survivors. My mom and I immediately started crying, luckily my grandmother was there and kept calm and started making phone calls to try to find out more information. Things got worse when we saw a friend of my mom’s whose husband was supposed to be on the same flight as my dad described on the news as the “wife of one of the victims”. We couldn’t get any information about the flight. They then announced there was only one survivor, a sargent – my dad was a lt. colonel by that point. It was hell.

Two hours (or longer, I don’t know) later my dad called to let us know they arrived at their destination. Their flight had left earlier (at 9:30 or something like that) and he had not heard about the crash. It was a big relief, of course, but for those two hours, I was sure my dad had died and I was angry and frustrated with the lack of information and hoping against any hope. That’s why my thoughts go to all those husbands, wives, daughters, sons, grandparents, siblings, and friends who had loved ones in the Air France flight that went missing last night.