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As many of you may already know, this blog started more than three years ago as a chronicle of our year in Spain. Looking for a way of keeping in touch with friends and family in the era pre-Facebook, a blog seemed like an ideal tool. I could report on what my husband and I were doing without spamming the mailboxes of friends and family. I had no aspirations in writing about anything more meaningful than what was life like in Barcelona and what we did last weekend. I didn’t really expect anybody else but friends and family would come across this blog.

My old blog banner
My old blog banner

But part of writing a blog involves reading other blogs. Before I knew it I started leaving comments on other people’s blogs, they started coming here and linking to my blog and I soon began to meet new people with whom I had interests in common. I soon began writing about issues other than life in Spain, things that interested me or concepts or ideas with which I struggled. By the time I came back to Canada there was no question about whether I should continue writing here.

But in time the blog lost its initial focus and became very generic. As I started teaching and working on my dissertation and that was more predominant in my mind, I started writing about issues related to teaching and researching that I felt were less interesting to readers of this blog. So I moved them to another wordpress blog, before moving it to my own academic site. Since last summer, I’ve began to read more (and blog more or perhaps facebook more) about issues related to food, the environment, sustainability, health, and so on. I’ve also began to experiment more and more in the kitchen. And take more and more photos of food (check my flickr site). As a result, some of my friends began to suggest I should create a food blog. I could see the use of that. For one thing, a more focused blog would allow me to have more specific categories and tags, allowing for better searching of food-related posts.

I often use my blog as a fancy bookmarker or a place to organize notes. I’ve never been very good about using the bookmarks feature on my web browsers and ever since I created this blog, it’s been even worse. I blog about things that interest me and often share links to sites I come across, news articles, and so on and more than once I’ve simply searched the blog when I wanted to find a reference to a site that I knew I had talked about. But it started getting difficult to find posts about a specific dish I had cooked or that had a particular photograph. So, combined with my interest in moving my blog(s) to my own domain(s), I’ve created a new blog: Mató & Maple Syrup. Mató is a fresh cheese from Catalonia that is usually served with honey as a dessert and maple syrup, well, it’s the Canadian sweetner par excelence. Since it was in Canada and Catalonia where my cooking really florished, the name seemed appropriate enough.

However, the migration was not without pain. I decided to import only a few of my posts that dealt directly with food or food-related issues. Since I could export only a few posts to import in the new blog, I used MacJournal to select the posts I wanted and then post them to the new blog. That meant I lost all the comments, which was too bad since some of the posts generated interesting discussions. It also meant that I lost most of the categories and tags. I’ve slowly started editing the older posts to include tags/categories that will help keep the new blog organized. So, if you are interested in food and the like, check out the new blog!

I’ll eventually move this blog too to a new server but probably not before the end of the summer, when I get some time off.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

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