Meet Christie Cat


Our friends M & W asked us if we could look after their cat while they visited family on the east coast for a couple of weeks. I immediately jumped at the opportunity since I’ve always wanted to have a cat. I could be qualified as a dog person by most accounts and I’ve only ever had dogs but I’ve always been fond of cats as well. I used to love visiting my cousin when I was a kid because she had cats; I was 8 years old but I could spend hours just petting the cat and watching it sleep. When I was 10 I used to go by the dry cleaners beneath my building every day to visit their cat. I was there first thing in the morning before I went to school (I usually waited for them to open the store) and went by in the afternoon on my way home. I would sometimes spend hours there chatting with the manager and playing with the cat. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when the cat had kittens.

I felt the same way about dogs. If you have a dog, you’ve seen kids like me. I was one of those who knock at your door and ask if they can walk your dog. Yet I never had either cats or dogs while growing up. My mom didn’t want any and she made up some excuse that we were allergic or something, which never really rang true to me since I played with all these animals in other people’s houses and never got sick from it. But whatever. I finally got a dog when I was 17. My last dog died three years ago and we haven’t replaced her for a number of reasons. I’m finishing my degree this year, we don’t really know where we’ll end up and there’s the possibility that we might go back to Spain for a year or two down the road. I cannot allow myself to get a dog if I don’t feel I’d be able to keep it. That got me started on thinking of cats. They are a bit more portable and could be quite fun to have down the road. So when M & W asked me if I wanted to take care of Christie for a couple of weeks, I said “definitely!” And it’s been great. He’s a very nice cat; very loving and playful. We were worried for a bit since we hardly knew him and he spent the entire first day under the couch. He would also meow in the middle of the night as if asking for something. But then, by the second or third day, he had settled down, relaxed and now he runs to greet us when we get home, sleep by my side on the couch, and plays with me. As most pets, he also has his idiosyncrasies.  He likes drinking water by sticking his paw in the bowl and licking it. I caught him in the act once:


Here he is in his favourite spot on the couch:

ChristieCat030809 (1).jpg


Now I have to ask M & W if there’s any real food snacks that I can give him. He always runs over when I open the fridge and he sticks around when I’m cooking so I wonder if they used to give him anything…


Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

10 thoughts on “Meet Christie Cat”

  1. I can consider myself a cat expert, seeing as I’ve had plenty – all you’ve known, of course. All my cats loved cheddar cheese (something about cutting out the middle man…). But the real treat was salmon skin. The thing with cat treat is to be mindful of sodium, which cats love. They tend to suffer from kidney problems.

  2. Alex, my Aby looks like your cat guest. Aby love shrimps, he used to eat a whole shrimp, and he acts like he was hunting the shrimp. Now he still like shrimps but not raw and now we must ground the shrimp with a fork. Having a cat is a great experience, as your friends are lucky to be able to leave their buddy with you. Beijocas.

  3. Thanks so much for loving our little Christie cat!!! He’s the sweetest cat I’ve ever known…He definitely has his quirks though. He does use his paw to drink from his dish (I love that photo!) and also likes to drink from the tub and sink. We found him on the street and I think that he always drank water from odd places and that habit has stuck with him :) When we found him he was only 5 pounds and his feet had completely frozen. The vet was amazed that he even recovered…I remember that his feet were so damaged that we would find little bloody footprints around the house. He was so sick and in so much pain but he was always so sweet and gentle.
    In terms of treats..he’s just a little beggar :) We’ve never given him people food but he did eat the avocado that Maeve would throw on the floor. His favourite treat is something called ‘cat-milk’ made by Whiskas (i think). I believe it is simply lactose-free milk. Give this to him at your own peril though–he goes nuts!!! He’ll bug you every time you go into the kitchen. He also likes wet cat food a lot but I can’t stomach the smell…
    I can’t tell you how happy we are that you three like each other so much :) I’m glad he’s not waking you up anymore…

  4. Hey Martha,

    I can’t believe you found him on the street. He’s such a sweet cat… the damaged paws explains a lot; I’ve noticed that he’s careful with his paws. As for drinking in the bathtub, I knew that so I leave the curtain open after I’m done so he can go in and one time I noticed he was taking a long time in there so I peeked. He was sitting in front of the faucet watching for the water drops to fall; each time one fell (and they were veeeery slow in forming) he would try to catch it in mid air. Very funny!!

    Was he already grown when you found him?

  5. Hello there,

    1st time I comment here but I always visit followin a link from my friend Mirella (Mikix). I am a big fan of your blog and find it to be one of the most well written I’ve seen.
    I can’t belive how much the kitty looks like my Senna. We have a grey tabby that looks like him, and also a puppy that is a high end working dog with LOTS of energy. Needless to say, we have our hands full, but it’s a joy to have them both, even though Senna may not agree ;-)


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