This past year was a good one. Academically, I got an article published, got half way through my dissertation, taught my first course (and a course of my own design no less), finished my advanced teaching certificate at TATP, submitted another article for consideration, participated in some great conferences, and gave a workshop on using web 2.0 tools in the classroom. I’ve also became officially involved in a digital humanities project to create resource site for the premodern Mediterranean. Personally, the year was also good. Alan and I celebrated our 10th anniversary, we discovered TBN and got more involved with cycling, our diets improved significantly after we stopped shopping at the large grocery chains and began getting all our food at Kensington and local farmers’ markets. Shopping at farmers’ markets sparked the creative juices and led me to start a food blog and to read more about food and food politics. Alan and I also got back into photography, buying some TLR cameras and have finally got into a regular workout schedule by joining the YMCA, conveniently located practically across the street from our building. Spring and summer 2009 got us close to some dear friends who have since moved to the US but with whom we hope to keep in touch.

In 2010 the plans are to finish my thesis, get another article out, teach some new courses, get a job, make it back to Spain for a visit, read more about digital humanities, continue to read about the environment, human rights, and food politics. Athletically, I would like to cycle more in summer 2010 and run my first 5 or 10k race. I would also like to find some time to do a bit of volunteering work for Kiva doing translations, move this blog to its own domain, revamp my academic blog, and do more yoga.  As Alan always says, life is good.

What about you? What are your plans?