New laptop

No, I didn’t buy a new laptop. I’m going to hold on until Apple decides to smart up and release a 12″ MacBook Pro… Besides, my little 12″ Powerbook G4 is still holding up great and I just got a new battery for it. But I can’t deny that the poor thing is now over three years old and feeling very sluggish at times. I confess that I expect a lot from my computers. I’m a bit multitasker and have always about ten different programs running and twenty windows open. It was about time to upgrade it a bit and get it ready for the new cat.

I finally bit the bullet and after some research on the internet, went out today and bought 1 gigabyte of RAM and a faster hard drive. This means my laptop will jump from 512 mb to 1.25 gb  of RAM and from 60 gb 4400 rpm to 100gb 7200 rpm. I replaced the memory myself – or rather, Alan did it for me – since it was pretty straightforward. I also backed up my HD in preparation for its replacement some time this week. I won’t do it myself since the task seems a lot more demanding; I’ll bring it to an authorized Apple dealer.

But let me tell you – just adding more memory made the computer noticeably faster. Can’t wait until I can get Leopard on it…


New iMac

iMac - © Apple IncWhen we left for Spain, Alan sold his big Dell desktop and bought a 15″ Powerbook G4 laptop to bring to Spain. One year of use is enough to fully convert anyone into the Apple fold and now that it’s time to buy a new desktop, we went for a beautiful 24″ iMac. I just ordered one today and can’t wait to play with it!! Oh, did I mention it came with a free iPod Nano?…

The iPod to measure value of currencies

For some years, the price of McDonald´s Big Mac was used to gauge the value of a specific currency. Now one of Australia´s largest bank has developed a new indicator for foreign exchange based on Apple´s ubiquitous digital music player. iPod nano

One of the basic differences between the two foreign exchange indicators is that whereas Big Macs are made in a host of countries, iPods are made only in China and in theory it should cost the same anywhere – with some allowances made to import duties and volume discounts.

The first reading of the iPod index for 26 countries listed Brazil as the place where the iPod is most expensive and Canada where it is the cheapest. No surprise there. My brothers always ask me to buy electronic equipment for them when I go to Brazil for the holidays. I once went to the Brazilian Apple site and was shocked by the cost of computers. My 12″ Powerbook, which cost me about CDN $ 1,800 (roughly about BR$ 3,500-4,000) was listed at almost 10,000 brazilian reais!!! That would be almost CDN$ 5,000 at the time. For that reason alone, I leave my Powerbook at home when I go to Brazil…

If you want to know more about the iPod index, go here.

iPhone: my new consumer dream…

After months (if not years) of speculation, Apple announced yesterday it´s iPhone, a revolutionary new electronic gadget that combines a cell phone, a widescreen iPod, and an internet communications device. No, it´s not just a smartphone. It´s a new product, with a new design, that will change the way we use our phones and connect to the internet in much the same way the iPod changed the way people listen to music. Oh, and the phone bit of it is a quad-band GSM phone and it also includes a 2 megapixel camera.


The new iPhone comes with a sleek new interface, with a touchscreen instead of the usual buttons found in cellphones & smartphones out there. It runs OS X and comes in 4gb & 8gb versions. Steve Jobs, Apple´s CEO, annouced it should be ready to ship in June to the USA market, end of 2007 to Europe & Asia in 2008. Nobody says anything about when it would be arriving in Canada :(

The one drawback is that Apple teamed up with Cingular and the new iPhone will be available only with a 2-year contract with that phone company. It doesn´t look like there will be “free” iPhones out there but I trust someone will come up with a hack soon enough. It´s also unclear, at this point, if there will be similar agreements with cellphone companies when the iPhone is released outside the US. Apple stocks went up 7% after the announcement while its competitors in the smartphone business (like RIM, the maker of Blackberry) watched its stocks go down just as much.

iPhone calls


Go to the apple site for a detailed overview:

Apple site