Top 5 comics

Inspired by this post on my brother's blog, I decided to come up with a list of my 5 favourite comic books.

1. Neil Gaiman's Sandman – this was my absolute favourite during my good old days of comic book geekness. I could hardly wait for the new issue to come out and had it put aside for me the day it arrived. My favourite character was Death and I wore her symbol, the ankra (the egyptian symbol of life) everywhere. Here's a good intro to Sandman. 

2. Alan Moore's Swamp Thing – The first few issues were pure poetry. I love the way it was connected to the Sandman series. A very sad love story.

3. Alan Moore's V for Vendetta – I guess everyone knows this one now.

4. Camelot 3000 – One of the very first adult comic I read; probably not that good but I have a soft spot for any version of the Arthurian legends. Tristan reincarnated as a woman is unforgetable.

5. Lobo (DC Comics) – the most gruesome, violent comic anywhere. I guess I just like a sick sense of humour.

I was also very particular to the Kazuo Koike's Lone Wolf and Cub and Crying Freeman; some of the X-Men (before the Phoenix story); Alan Moore's Watchmen (considered by some the best graphic novel around); Neil Gaiman's Mr. Punch; actually anything by Frank Miller, Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman(whom I had the pleasure to hear speaking in Toronto).