Wordless Wednesday


When we came back from Barcelona & Paris from Christmas holidays, the custom officer at the airport here in Canada asked us if we were bringing anything. I said “Chocolate… oh, and some salt!” She arched an eyebrow and said,  “salt?” “Yes”, I said, “it’s nice French salt”. She giggled and let us through… But I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that fleur de sel is  worth a trip, I’m sure… Particularly when they have it mixed up with all kinds of nice herbs & spices…

Wordless Wednesday

A casteller getting ready before going on to the main plaza of a Catalan town


Don’t know who the castellers are?  Check here, here, and videos here (I always get goosebumps when the music starts). They were my favourite element of Catalan culture and the energy in the square when they succeed in putting together a difficult tower is ubelievable… My husband used to say that if we lived in Catalonia for good, he would have joined a group of castellers.

Wordless Wednesday


© Alexandra Guerson

We never made coffee at home in Spain. The stuff available in any bar was so cheap and so good that there was no point. This is the coffee Alan and I had every morning, at the bar on the corner of our street. A long espresso with hot milk, it’s called a cortado (Spanish) or a tallat (Catalan). So good.

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