Unveiling my new MacBook

I’ve had my new MacBook for nearly a week now and what I can say? I’m in love. I’ve even started liking the glossy screen, which I hated before I bought it. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the experience of getting the laptop out of the box. I know that opening the box of a new electronic gadget is usually done without much thought – I mean, who cares about the packaging? All we want is what’s inside, right? Well, apparently Apple cares. Its attention to design and form extends to the packaging. Anybody who has an iPod knows that.  The volume of packaging has been reduced in recent years but opening the box is still quite an experience. Here’s my new MacBook:




Neat package, if only my office was this neat…


New working setup. I can view my documents on the 24″ iMac while taking notes on my laptop. It’s been working great this past week!


I heart Macs

I love my 12″ Powerbook. I think it’s the best laptop Apple has ever produced. It totally converted both my husband and I into Macs and it’s been my faithful and trusty machine since 2004. Although it still works perfectly, has the latest version of Mac OS X, new memory and a new high speed 100GB hard drive, time has come to upgrade. I’m not a light user – I always have at least 10 programs running simultaneously and a score of web pages. I routinely need to run Adobe CS3 and I do web design and photography work. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, my 12″ Powerbook was starting to show its age and there were things I couldn’t do with it without an extra dose of patience.

It was then that Alan started talking about using computers as a media centre at home. Basically, the idea is to have all our music on itunes and have it connected to a stereo system that can be activated remotely (he found a nifty way of doing this using the ipod touch as a remote control). The initial idea was to get a Mac Mini but once we started pricing everything, it became clear that for a bit more we could get the new laptop I needed and use my old laptop as the multimedia centre. This idea occurred to us last weekend and after a week of researching to make sure the 12″ Powerbook would work well as a multimedia centre, we finally bit the bullet. Today I got my new Macbook.

I know people are sick of hearing Mac fans brag about their computers but I have to say something about one of my favourite features of OS X. Setting up a new Mac. All I had to do was take it out of the box, plug it in to the power supply, turn it on and it asked me if I wanted to migrate from a previous Mac. I said yes, and selected the backup drive I had used to backup my Powerbook earlier this morning. In half an hour (30 minutes!) all the software, files, accounts, EVERYTHING, I had on my Powerbook was installed in my new MacBook. Anybody who has gone through re-installing software, files and setting up internet and network connections knows how amazing that is. I’m happy.