Boxing day at the movies

Some people line up early at electronic stores on Boxing Day. We decided to go to the movies to take advantage of the $6 special for the matinée and to hang out with  a friend. We watched Slumdog Millionaire and if you haven’t seen it yet, run to the closest theatre. It’s well worth it.

The Visitor

We watched The Visitor tonight. The story of an Economics professor, stuck in an emotional limbo who gets involved in the lives of two illegal immigrants in NY is captivating, powerful in its simplicity, and leave you feeling like you should run and join an immigrants’ rights NGO or something. It’s not surprising it won many awards and scored 92% at the tomatometer. In Toronto, you can still catch it at the Carlton. Don’t miss it.


Last note before I dash for the train – last night we watched the movie Black, by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. If you have a chance, look for it at your local video rental. It’s about a deaf, dumb and blind girl (Michelle) and her relationship with her teacher (Mr. Sahai), who attempts to bring light into her world of darkness.

You can find a trailer here.