Summer is in the air

I love the feeling of ebullient happiness that the arrival of a Canadian summer brings. When I first moved to Canada, people often asked me how could I trade my tropical homeland for the frozen north. I never had a good answer to that other than mumbling something about not liking the heat much, which always seemed to surprise them. And it’s true. I never felt comfortable in high heat with 90% humidity, the kind of muggy weather that characterized most of the places I lived in Brazil. So I expected I’d appreciate the winter, which I did and still do. Alan can vouch for the fact that I never complain about the winter – the only thing I don’t like about Toronto winters is that it isn’t cold enough to keep the snow from melting and the sky blue. But whatever I may feel about winter, the fact is that it is very long and the bare trees make it somewhat gloomy at times. I didn’t expect that the arrival of spring, with its light-green foliage and longer days, and finally summer, with its thick canopies, flowers, and sounds, would make me feel so excited and alive. To me, there’s nothing quite like a Canadian summer. No matter where you are in Canada, the level of energy and positive attitude is palpable, making it such a fun season. By the time the feeling wears off and I remember that I don’t actually like too much heat, the cooler air of fall arrives and the cycle begins anew…

Going to cottage country

This is where we’ll be spending seven days, beginning this coming saturday:

Seven days of doing Yoga outside, canoeing, swimming, bbqing, and lots of reading. Hopefuly, there will be lots of writing too. Oh, and no internet. We’ll be on our own, in a cottage on an island in that lake above. Can’t wait!!

A sign of summer…


KensingtonWith temperatures reaching 24 C today, we couldn’t help but enjoy the nice weather. I must warn my friends from other parts of the world: the inability to stay home when the weather is nice is a sure sign that you have been assimilated. Or maybe it’s just a sign that you have survived the winter. Anyway, today marked our first cycling tour of the year. We left the house at 9:30 AM and went for our traditional coffee at Kensington Market (blue line on the map). There we met our friend J. and chatted for a while with some nice women visiting the market for the first time. After making sure they had a good impression of the place and its people, we went to the bike shop to get a few choice items (Alan needed a new seat and J. a panier) before proceeding to Mitzi’s a brunch spot I had heard about near Roncesvalles Village (red line).

After an amazing brunch, we made our way to High Park, where we faced some serious hills before finding a nice spot in the shade, by the pond. We settled there for a while enjoying the sound of the birds, children playing nearby, and the simple joy of perfect weather.

We then left (purple line) and stopped for a coffee at Coffee & All that Jazz, a quaint little place near Roncesvalles. Alan and I had been there last week with our friend Jackie, who was visiting from Calgary, and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Plus, they serve Dufflet pastries! We hung out there for a while, reading the papers and just sort of relaxing before coming home.

It was a perfect day. I’m physically exhausted and feeling slightly sunburned (this is the first bike ride of the year!) but sooo happy and relaxed. There is something about physical tiredness that is quite relaxing… I don’t know if you know what I mean. Plus the energy in the city is really amazing. Everybody is happy because of the summer-like weather. All the patios are crowded and the good mood is really contagious. That’s one of my favourite things about the seasons here in Canada – winter is so long that when the weather changes, the difference in people’s moods is palpable. It’s worth 6 months of winter to experience it!

Unfortunately, my camera ran out of battery by the time we got to the park, so all I got were a couple of pictures from Kensington (notice all the people in summer clothes) and one from Mitzi’s.