Busy life

This past week gave me a taste of the pace of this semester. I’ve started my job as a teaching assistant and conducted five tutorials this week, attended the lectures for the course I’m TA’ing, worked at the CRRS, tried to do some work on my thesis, had meetings about the conference I’m helping organize, created the conference’s website (not up yet), co-organized a teaching workshop, and generally ran around doing errands. The week simply flew by! I really enjoyed the teaching, even more than I thought I would, and I’m now feeling more encouraged in planning my own course for the future.

Tonight we’ll be off to Nuit Blanche, dubbed the free all-night contemporary art thing. It starts at 7:03 pm and goes all night. According to the site: “For one sleepless night, experience Toronto transformed by artists. Discover art in galleries, museums and unexpected places. From alleyways and demolition sites to churches and squash courts, explore more than 195 destinations. One night only. All night long.”

The idea is pretty cool. They had it last year and it was a big hit. I’ve been told there was a really neat vibe in the city with people roaming from site to site checking out all of the different venues. I’ve had a nap this afternoon and will try to stay out for as long as possible…

What about you? What are your plans for the weekend?

Update – it was only after I posted this that I realized that the previous post also had “busy” on its title. Oh well, I guess that’s how my life will be qualified for now on… 

Busy Monday

Wow, what a day. I left home at 6:30 this morning and got back at 7:30 pm. And I feel I didn’t have a minute to spare! Here’s what I did:

7:00-8:00: workout at the gym

8:00-9:00: breakfast and reading for a presentation I have to do in a little over two weeks

9:00-1 pm: work at the front desk at the CRRS while doing Iter work. Didn’t even have a break.

1-2pm: meeting with the professor for whom I’m TA’ing and the other TAs.

2-3pm: lunch and check emails, sent out some conference-related emails (finally!)

3-4pm: run to the library and finalize my handouts for my first tutorials tomorrow

4-4:30pm: dash to the history department before it closes to photocopy handouts

4:30-5:30: get TA’ing tips from more experienced friend

5:30-6:30: retrieve material relevant to tomorrow’s tutorial from carrel and review it

6:30-7:00: dash to Hart House to empty locker of dirty gym clothes and to sign up for photography class (October 13-14th! yeeepyy!)

7:00-7:30: walk home, stop at liquor commission to buy some beer

7:30-now: enjoy a well-deserved English Ale with the mutton curry and palak paneer I made yesterday….

Phew! what a tiring day! And it’s not over yet… I still need to make a sheet with key points and questions for myself to use in tomorrow’s tutorial, which will be the subject of another post

On another front – let me tell you that my restaurant strike is holding on pretty well! I didn’t eat out a single time since last monday (an all-time record for me, I’m sure). Not only we didn’t eat out but I prepared really healthy meals each day and brought lunch to school. I also bought a nice stainless steel bottle and have drank over a litre of water today… So my goals are holding up!

International Car Free Day

Today was International Car Free Day. I first heard about this event the year before Alan and I went to Spain. A friend of ours work for city hall and he was saying that the government was trying to convince our municipal and provincial representatives to take alternative means of transportation to work that day. The whole event was a fiasco. Most politicians drove their big cars. When asked by the media why they didn’t take public transit to work, many answered simply that “it wasn’t convenient”. So much for all the rhetoric coming from the city that the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is the “better way”. Both Alan and Perry – the friend who works for the city and who is a staunch cyclist – wrote to the city complaining bitterly for their lack of support and hypocrisy.

We were out all day today and didn’t see much going on to celebrate car free day. Has anybody seen anything in other parts of the city? At Kensington, some activists were making a banner so I don’t know if there was a demonstration somewhere else. Unfortunately, North America is pretty much a car society, one heavily invested on the automobile industry and whose way of life is still primarily based on getting around on private cars. That’s certainly one of the things I miss most from Europe – the quality of the public transit and the inconvenience that it is for most people to actually have a car. Because that’s really the ticket – it’s not about trying to convince people that they should leave their cars at home. It’s about making it inconvenient for them to take their car out. There should be no arguments or discussions about improving public transit and making it more accessible – it should be the number one priority for all levels of government.

I’ve heard that in Brazil, several capital cities closed many of its central arteries to traffic today, making streets open to people on foot, bicycles, rollerblades, skates… Now that would have been a fitting celebration to car free day: closing down Yonge Street to traffic! Maybe even a couple more streets, like College and Bloor…


Wow! looks like a lot more is going on that I thought! Jen P. pointed me in the right direction and here’s the outline of today’s events in TO marking car free day. I want to comment on the Parking Meter Parties (PMP). Basically, the idea is that you find a parking spot, buy a parking ticket, display it on your non-motorized vehicle and host a party on your parking spot. I love the idea!! It’s so neat! Here’s another link on parking meter parties.

Oh, and I love this car parked at Kensington:

Eco car

car free