Finally! A desk of my own…

When we left for Barcelona, we moved all our furniture into storage and vacated our apartment here in Toronto. To minimize the cost of storage, Alan and I cleaned up our apartment and got rid of anything we didn’t really want to keep. One of the things that went was an Ikea table that I used as a desk. I figured I didn’t really need a desk since I do most of my work in my carrel anyway. That reasoning turned out to be a bit flawed. Every once in a while I bring a bit of work done and we end up having all sorts of papers and books on the dining table, the coffee table, the couch… The place is a real mess! So we decided that it was about time I got my own desk.

Since we wanted to put it in the living room, I wanted a desk with a glass top. Our coffee table has a glass top and I didn’t want to take away too much of the feeling of space in the living room. After a bit of browsing, I found the perfect desk at Structube:


Now all I need is the chair to go with it…

PS: we used Autoshare for the first time to pick up the desk. We went on the web, placed a reservation, walked outside, crossed the street, took the car, drove to the store and brought the car back within 40 minutes. For one hour it costs about 10$ (after taxes and all). No gas costs. We were very happy with it!

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

3 thoughts on “Finally! A desk of my own…”

  1. The desk looks good. I don’t know the kind of chair that you’re looking for. I bought mine last week at Ikea ($99 dollars). Also, on my way back home I stopped at Staples and they have good ones. I’ve subscribed to Staples’ website and got an e-mail with 20% off of every item I purchase online.

    Maybe you are interested. Food for thought :)

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