Back from Montreal

Things I love about Montreal:

  1. The endless number of independent cafés where I can have a decent espresso-based coffee that doesn’t come in half-litre sizes
  2. The food, ah the food… it is hard to explain. Toronto has countless restaurants, many of which are very good. But in Montreal food just seem to taste better, have a certain je-ne-sais-quois… It’s all in the little details – they add herbs to home fries, breakfast plates often come with copious amounts of fresh fruit, and presentation is rarely neglected…
  3. Speaking French. I first took French lessons when I was 15 years old and fell in love with the language. Even though I lived my life mostly in English when I lived in Montreal, I enjoyed hearing French on a daily basis…
  4. The weather – it was colder but whiter and brighter. I love it.
  5. The shopping – sooo many affordable independent boutiques!

The weekend felt rushed; there was much to see and many people to visit! We took our friend Janine so some of the time was spent taking her to different parts of the city. I also took the opportunity to meet some online friends for the first time (Stella and Pancha, I had an AMAZING time!) and reconnect with another online friend, who took us to sample one of the best poutines in the province (thank you, Fachin!).

I promise I’ll upload some pictures soon enough although I have to warn you that this time I didn’t really take that many pictures…

Here are some of the pictures:

Montreal December

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

4 thoughts on “Back from Montreal”

  1. Até hoje não conheci ninguém que falasse mal de Montreal. Nós só não imigramos para lá porque meu francês não é fluente, mas quem sabe no futuro?

  2. Sastre,

    An asignatura pendiente would be a pending matter, but in the sense that you want to use I think it would be more “Montreal is on my list…” I can’t think of a more precise equivalent…

    I hope you are not holding your breath for my pictures, like I said, I didn’t really take many ;)

  3. Adorei o link das bijoux, obrigada. Faz tempo que as pessoas me falam de Montreal, realmente, tenho que tomar vergonha na cara e ir ver ao vivo! It’s a shame you didn’t take lots of photos, we could on you and your camera!!!

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