Yet another cycling picture

The good weather will soon end and the cycling will stop but for now, we try to make the most of the summer weather of the past week. While I love my Opus for commuting and getting around town, for longer rides with a group I needed something else. So we finally got something this weekend. Meet my new bike, a cyclocross:

TBN_090909 (10).jpg TBN_090909 (9).jpg

Last night we went out in yet another ride with TBN. This one got us to the Leslie Spit, a park that extends far into the like and from which we got an amazing views of the city. It was an ideal ride to test my new bike since the ride was only about 25 km but it went through very varied terrain – from smooth roads to rocky and sandy gravel. Ideal to test the versatility of the cyclocross. The bike performed really well and I’m very happy with it.

But the best was the view of the city:

TBN_090909 (2).jpg

TBN_090909 (6).jpg

You can browse the flickr site for some other pictures, but you get the idea. The evening ended at a vegetarian restaurant near Gerrard & Broadview where I had the most amazing grilled eggplant dish, even if it left me really full…

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

2 thoughts on “Yet another cycling picture”

  1. “Only” e “about 25 km” não combinam na mesma frase….
    Sério, eu morro pra pedalar 11km e vc me escreve com desdém que era só 25 Km. Eu sou muito podre….

  2. Fá,

    A minha (des)vantagem é que a minha preguiça natural é balanceada/cancelada pelo marido meio obcecado em se exercitar… A primeira vez que eu saí de bicicleta esse verão, ele me fez percorrer 22 km e eu quase morri… A resposta dele? “You have to do it again, at least 25km. You have to push a bit.” Mas aos poucos fui melhorando. Hoje dá pra fazer 40km tranquilo. Mas o Alan já começou com um papo que quer me levar numa passei de 70-75km… e nos inscreveu num passeio de 53km. É fia… aqui em casa não dá pra dar mole não…

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