Film isn’t dead

Some of you may be wondering about the post below. It all started a few weeks ago when Alan found some old medium format negatives sitting in a box and decided to scan them. We thought it would be nice to file the pictures in the computer. Our chins dropped to the floor as soon as we finished scanning the first negative – the amount of detail was simply unbelievable. As you can see from this photo, every line in the wood is clearly visible. It definitely took him back to the good old days. That’s when he started talking about getting another medium format film camera. After scouring ebay for days and reading many reviews, he settled on the Minolta Autocord, a twin lens reflex, considered one of the best among TLRs. He found such good deals on them that he bought two and gave me one. I have to say that I fell in love as soon as I looked through the ground glass viewfinder. Alan still has his old light meter so we can find out the right exposure and I can’t wait to try the camera out. But before we could take them out, he took one of the cameras to be cleaned and refurbished at this joy of a place that the folks at Downtown Camera recommended. The store was as far as one could possibly go through public transit but certainly worth the trip. While Alan got his camera, I snapped some pictures of some of the treasures in there:

Back in time

Back in time

Alan almost bought another camera while we were there. A Mamiya RB67:

Back in time

Back in time

Back in time

Back in time

Back in time

And this is the one I want (here shown in just the body, minus the back and the lens). Alas, I’ll have to wait until I get a job since it goes for anywhere around 1,100-1,500$:

Back in time


Author: guerson

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One thought on “Film isn’t dead”

  1. Ahh, assim que comecei a ler o post, e aliás desde que vi a foto ontem, começou a me dar coceira dos tempos em que eu usei a Mamyia- Nossa, essa câmera é incrível, é uma delícia- não tem nem como explicar- todos os mecanismos dela– não é nem questão de fetiche, é mesmo qualidade e prazer-motor!
    boa sorte com essa descoberta! como dizia meu professor do foto ” o quadrado é redondo”

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