Lunch today

During my year at the archives in Barcelona, I often wished for a place where I could have a simple salad or a sandwich with more than one ingredient in it. Today I discovered the place I had been looking for. Vonblum is a special place, where design meets gastronomy. It is partly a café and partly an art shop and the attention to detail is noticeable everywhere.

I happened on the place in search of my friend Bruna, whom I met through her blog even before I came to Barcelona. Once I got here we finally found an occasion to meet and have remained in touch since then. She has degrees in Fine Arts and Computer Science and has combined the two designing websites and doing other creating things. Since I’ve recently started doing some more web designing of my own, I called Bruna up to see if she was free for a meeting. She said this week she would be really busy because she was helping a friend at her restaurant but that I should come by since it was not too far from the archives. “The food is good; my sister is the chef,” she added. So Alan and I went there today and were very glad we did.

This is what I had for lunch today:





It was amazing! As Bruna said in the comments below, I’m very happy to learn that this blog had a hand in the coming together of the place. Jessica, the owner, met Bruna through this blog when she searched for Wushu on google. Through Bruna, she met Barbara, Bruna’s sister, and the two planned the restaurant and the food. The way the internet brings people together never ceased to amaze me!!

Some pictures of the space and some other food we saw there:


cheesecakeroastbeef sandwich

I simply LOVED these antique lamps:


avocado & chickenBarbara

You can see more pictures and Alan’s take of the place, in his blog.

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

5 thoughts on “Lunch today”

  1. Wow, you are fast!!! But now I understand why (Alan helps you out with all the notes!!! hihihi). I really hope you both enjoyed it, despite the inexperienced waitress, who will soon go back to her place in front of the computer…. It was great to see you, and so cool to meet Alan…


  2. I’m back again. 2 things:
    Amazing photos, they are really great.
    And – I was just thinking that Vonblum wouldn’t be what it is without you. I met Jessica through your blog, then she met my sister through me, invited her to move to Barcelona, and be the cook. They designed the food together, and we all worked hard on the space, (although it is completely Jessica’s). So if it wasn’t for your blog, the place might have turned out quite different!!!


  3. Pois é, o que seria de mim sem a internet. Acredita que conheço mais gente aqui em Toronto do que em SP só por causa do blog? Aliás, foi assim que nos conhecemos, não é mesmo?
    Olha, fiquei com vontade de tomar um bom café por causa das fotos que você colocou.
    Quando voltarem vamos marcar um encontro lá no Kensignton ou somewhere else.

  4. Oh God, everything looks delicious. And my glass fetish was also fed with the pic of the ceiling lamps, they’re beautiful. Good luck to the owners, they should be proud of their work!

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