Happy birthday to me!

This weekend we celebrated my birthday at Wushu with a few of our very good friends here in Barcelona. Paul, Wushu’s talented dessert chef, even made me a special cake and we spent an amazing four hours at the restaurant, enjoying the company, the many bottles of cava, and, of course, Brad’s amazing food.


I had my favourite dish – the red curry with roasted duck (on the left) and next time I’ll try the laksa (on the right):

curry laksa


There are more pictures on my flickr site. It was a very busy weekend, which included dinner at Wushu on friday night with other friends, shopping in Gracia on saturday morning for a lunch on sunday that Jackie and I were organizing, then dinner at Wushu again on saturday night and finally a big lunch on sunday, when I cooked a not-so-traditional Brazilian feijoada for friends. Tomorrow we catch the high speed train to Segovia. It’s probable that I won’t be accessing internet there so stay tuned for a report on the trip to Segovia some time next weekend!

Author: guerson

Food-obsessed historian and knitter.

9 thoughts on “Happy birthday to me!”

  1. Muchas felicidades, chica!
    Que você possa continuar festejando seus aniversários pelo mundo afora.
    Tudo de bom e muito sucesso!

  2. Yo! Feliz aniversário um pouquinho atrasado!:)
    Você volta a tempo de mais um encontro, né?

  3. guapa!!! gracias por tu visita y por la recomendación del vonblum me lo pongo YA en la agenda. Agradecí mucho la fotito del laksa jajaja porque a mi me quedó realmente espantosa y no quería trasmitir una idea equívoca de mi plato favorito (siempre lo pido jejeje) me da pena que hayas marchado ya porque adoraría compartir una tarde en wushu.
    Un abrazo y gracias por todo!

  4. Hola Lila!

    Seguimos en contato y la proxima vez que estuvier yo en Barcelona – si no este año, seguro en el verano 2010 – nos encontraremos en wushu! He ido a los mejores rstaurantes thailandeses en Toronto y todavia no he probado un curry rojo (o verde) que se compare al de Brad… Laksa tanpoco… hecho muchisima falta de Barcelona…

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